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Positively Empowering and Restoring

Ladies Se​lf-Esteem, Inc.

Nurturing Cleveland's Girls and Communities

Creating safe spaces for all!

Positively Empowering and Restoring Ladies Self-Esteem, (PEARLS) Inc. is a mentoring and empowerment group that encourages teenaged girls and women to live their best lives, authentically. We are a community-based organization designed to meet people where they are—both figuratively and literally. In addition to our group sessions, we also offer leadership development through community service projects. In May 2021, we opened our first ever Empowerment pantry, PEARLS Community Closet, where we give clothing and hygiene items at no cost to the community. 

Our group sessions are facilitated by women who are passionate about redefining and reshaping the young urban girl, at PEARLS we truly believe in meeting our participants where they are. Our desire is to pour into our girls through intimate conversations and engaging activities in a safe and creative space.

Discover the Closet!

PEARLS Mini Closets are Now inside of Community Schools!

We are so excited to have our community closet now housed inside of 3 community schools in Cleveland. Check out our commercial featuring some of the scholars at A. B. Hart School in Cleveland! Learn more about our Community Closet Initiative!

Take me to The Closet!

PEARLS: More than Just a Program!

Cleveland is reshaping as a city and our desire is to ensure that our girls are reshaping by embracing their uniqueness. PEARLS was created as an outreach attempt to young girls from urban communities and non-traditional backgrounds. We believe that girls deserve positive guidance that will help to steer them down the path of individual freedom with the focus on self-esteem and empowerment, success and gaining the level of pride that they shouldn’t be afraid to walk in.

Mission Statement

To nurture authenticity and self-love within young girls in urban communities through mentoring, education, engagement, empowerment, and exposure.

Vision Statement

We envision every girl receiving the chance to experience positive mentorship through sincere and effective individual connections and engaging group programs.

Meet Ms. Britt!

Brittney A. Smith, PEARLS Founder 

Hi! My name is Brittney and I am the creator of the PEARLS, Inc. girls empowerment group and PEARLS Girls Community Closet. I too, like many of the young girls that we service, proudly grew up in the heart of Cleveland. As a young girl, I remember the pressure to “be” and most times it wasn’t a healthy pressure. It was pressure to try to be someone I knew that I wasn’t.

I know how uncomfortable that feeling is, and I am sure that it is even more challenging for the youth today. PEARLS was created to help young urban girls create the skills needed to combat challenges that can affect their esteem, help to develop healthy social and behavioral skills, and nurture their uniqueness. I also truly believe in the idea of exposure and the endless opportunities and mindset shifts that can happen with youth, or anyone in that matter. 

With almost 10 years of working with youth in various capacities, I am excited to continue this journey! I am an avid Clevelander, Community Developer and Agency Director by trade, an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and an all-around lover of people and youth!

Welcome to the PEARLS Experience!

PEARLS is a volunteer-based organization. Our tribe helps out from providing service hours at our community closet to facilitating sessions, and also monthly monetary donations!

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