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Introducing Nexus by PEARLS

Where Girl Meets Connection.

The Nexus Vision: A safe space for girls to connect, feel loved, and comfortable to express their true selves. 

-Inspired by Adora 



A space where all girls are treated as equals. No matter your background, zip code, or circumstances, Nexus by PEARLS was designed to cultivate community and connection amongst the girls that we service through our activities and sessions. We asked and the feedback received included for girls to feel safe, comfortable and loved. Our goals for Nexus includes but aren't limited to:

  • To provide girls with support by helping to encourage restoration and empowerment contributing to individual healthy levels of self-esteem

  • To create a safe and collaborative space where girls can learn the importance of coexisting, uplifting, and flourishing together

  • To connect girls with additional tools and resources to help with personal development


FOR OUR cuties ages 10-13

The PEARLS Squad is designed for young ladies in 6th through 8th grade. Squad sessions and activities works to help develop a strong foundation with girls at an earlier age. Our focus is to help girls connect with themselves and to foster an environment of togetherness. 


Interested in the Squad? Click here to learn more!



FOR our beauties ages 14-18 

The society works to help girls continue to build on their uniqueness, talents, and social skills. Our focus is to develop competence that will breed confidence, helping girls transition into young adulthood. 

Interested in the society? Click here to learn more.


Nexus by PEARLS is a space designed with the teenaged girl in mind. Of course we want our girls to feel like partners with us as we continue to learn how to best serve, create safe spaces, and change the narrative. Nexus by PEARLS is open to girls all over. Simply fill out our registration form below and we will contact you with more information!

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